Boboli collection

Egizia+Pampaloni (Italy)
Crossing the Apennines heading south, coming from Milan, is like
walking through a door into a different world; the intensity of the light
changes, along with the colours. 
Suddenly you find yourself in Tuscany, a special place, where you can wake
up at the top of hills coloured silver by the leaves of the olive trees.
in the midst of this nature, designed by man’s hand for centuries, i have
come across special people who, with great strength and natural gen-
tleness, run companies which are just as special as they are.

Eden collection

Egizia+Pampaloni (Italy)
Vases and Bowl silkscreen-decorated by hand with silver and handmade complementary items made of silver plate.

Versailles collection

Egizia+Pampaloni (italy)
Vases and Bowl silkscreen-decorated by hand with silver and handmade complementary items made of silver plate.

12 Monili D'argento

San Lorenzo (Italy)
Silver Jewelry Collection, showed in the Triennale di Milano in 2003.


Objecto de desejo & Cá d'Oro (Brazil)
Flowers vases Collection


Brognoli (Italy)
Tableware of stainless steel

Silkscreen decorations

Egizia (Italy)
Vases silkscreen decorated


Crystals Colle (Italy)
Collection of glasses and bottle in crystal


Abert (italy)


Rosenthal (Germany)
Decorated porcelain box

Foresta pietrificata

Ultima Edizione (Italy)
Marble vases


Firma Casa (Brazil)
Coffee table in marble

Wood table

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau- dwh (Germany)
Table with high-tech design, external thin sheets of wood with aluminum internal structure.


Firma Casa (Brazil)
Chair with structure in aluminum and seating of woven paper.


Edra (Italy)
Chaise-longue with a steel structure and a seat in doubled plastic film. It is almost a couture project, resembling the ripples in a tape, which is made by inserting the film into the frame composed of two lines of sinuous steel by hand, creating a series of thick pleats.


Takeaway (Japan)
Flutuar is a large cushion made in impermeable plastic material, with helium gas that allows it to float.

Lights on

Takeaway (Japan)
The lights are made in polypropylene. The structure is ultra light, easy to assemble and shipping.

Basso consumo

Tecnodelta (Italy)
Energy efficient lighting solution.


Tecnodelta (Italy)
Conceived as a mobile solution for external settings, thanks to its wedge-shaped point it can be set in the ground without a base. The different heights can solve the illumination of paths and external lanes; in groups it can illuminate greater areas. The version with a base can be used on any type of surface. 


Marioni (Italy)
Table Lamp


Objecto de desejo (Brazil)
Collection of ceramic objects


EKWC (Netherlands)
Collection of ceramic objects developed in European Ceramic Research Center in the Netherlands


EKWC (Netherlands)
Ceramic collection

Insensato coração

Rede Globo de televisão (Brazil)
Collection of furniture designed for the soap Opera Insensato Coração.


Lürssen (Germany)
It was an interesting experience that started in late 1999.
The entire interior was designed by me and Marco Zanini.
The exterior was designed by the norvegian naval engineer Espen Oeino, based in southern France.
It's a private yacht 220 feet long and 40 feet beam with five decks.
A key feature is the continuity of design and materials between guest and crew areas.
This was an innovation in the shipbuilding industry and for this she was awarded numerous prizes including  "The best of Yachts 2002 - Show Boats Awards"